What is Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers or painting-by-numbers kits describes a board or canvas on which a picture is divided into areas by light blue or grey lines indicate areas to paint. Each area having a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use. Upon completion of the painting activity, a beautiful work of art emerges and an artist is born.

Paint by Numbers Kit


Today, most popular Paint by Numbers kits are made of cotton canvas, pre-mounted on internal wooden frame. Ready mixed acrylic (water-based) paints are used because they work well with cotton surface. Each paint colour is labelled with a number which correspond to an area on the canvas. It's important to purchase a paint by numbers kit that requires NO mixing of the paints, as mixing process can be tedious and the produced colours may not match the intended colours for the painting.

Gallery by Numbers is the authorised distributor of ArtistIsU paint by numbers kits - the most popular paint by numbers brand in Australia.

Paint by Numbers Kit - Complete Set


Benefits of Painting by Numbers?

Painting by Numbers has been known as a popular pastime used by many as a recreational and relaxation hobby. Do you know that it's actually one of the most popular activity recommended by Art Therapist, as a way to improve both physical and mental well being?

Painting by Numbers is suitable for everyone at all ages because unlike other art activities, you don't need experience to paint by numbers. It's as simple as painting or colouring in an area in the canvas using the designated or matching colour, which has been labelled for you. Kids as young as 5 years old can paint by numbers, and we have customers as healthy as 90+ years are still enjoying painting by numbers.

So here is a summary of the benefits of painting by numbers:

  1. Improve both Physical and Mental Well Being. Painting by Numbers combines the properties of number and colour recognition, in a way that stimulates our mind and encourages creativity and motor skills, while motivating the individual to complete the work of art. It's easy, it's fun and more importantly it provides the relaxation ones need to recharge and re-energise their mind and helps the body to function better everyday.
  2. Bring Family and Friends Closer. Many of our customers have regular paint by numbers session once a week. They meet and have fun painting together with family and friends, while enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of tea. More importantly enjoying each others company.
  3. Share and Inspire Others. A lot of regular customers simply enjoy the painting process, and give away most of their artwork for charity event.
  4. It is an Amazing Gift for Everyone. Whether you send your family and friend a finished artwork, or just send them a paint by numbers kit so that they can enjoy and have fun painting, you can't go wrong with this wonderful product.

Paint by Numbers Kit - Customer Artwork

(Inspired by Van Gogh, Devlin enjoyed and love completing his Sunflowers painting by numbers)

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