How to Paint

Paint by numbers is very simple. To accomplish a beautiful artwork all you need to do is to follow our simple step by step guide to create a beautiful paint by numbers masterpiece:

Step 1: Before drawing, prepare water for diluting the paint and washing the brush;

Step 2: Choose the right colour by number;

Step 3: Fill the same numbered zone with the correspond colour;

Step 4: Once the first colour is completed, wash and dry the brush;

Step 5: Choose the next colour zone to paint and repeat step 4 until all areas are painted;

Step 5b: (optional): Apply any extra or leftover paints on top of the initial layer, to create a thicker or wave like effect on your masterpiece;

Step 6: Once completed, put the painting on the easel or hang them on the wall to enjoy.

Step 7: Most importantly relax, have fun and be inspired by your own masterpiece!


Tap the image below and watch as the masterpiece emerges

Paint by Numbers Kit - How to Paint by Numbers