Paint by Numbers Kits


Painting by Numbers is a popular pastime, loved by kids and adults at any ages. Many people used Paint by Numbers Kit as a recreational hobby, a relaxation activity or just having fun exploring the creative side in them.

Gallery by Numbers - Australia leading paint by numbers kits online provider, our goal is to bring you as many painting by numbers designs as possible. Because we know once you have started one, you will come back for more. So over the years, we have collected a large varieties of popular paintings such as Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Picasso's Masterpiece, Beautiful Flowers, Scenery, Famous Landmarks, Gardens, Animals, Angels, Famous Portraits, and more - we have got the lot.

Our Paint by Numbers Kits are made of cotton canvas, pre-mounted / pre-stretched on internal wooden frame. So you don't have to mess around trying to assemble those timber frame (absolutely NO Assembly Required). Our acrylic paints come ready mixed, all colours are numbered accordingly, giving you the ease of just open the kit and READY to PAINT.

So why wait...Let's Shop, Enjoy and Have Fun Painting by Numbers!